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Howdy! We're Paul and Tori Vallen.

Together we operate The Muses: an Adelaide-based family business, selling vinyl records & more since 1968.

Our mission is to connect you with the best music and movies from around the world, so you can collect, share and enjoy with the people you love.

Think of us as your new geeky muso friends who can introduce you to thousands of new artists, TV shows, movies & vinyl records.

Our 6 year old daughter Delilah flips the records to side 2 while our baby boy, Bowie, helps us lick the stamps (as does our Labradoodle Daisy... however hard we try to stop her). With my sister-in-law Rebecca pitching in, well... we’re at risk of channeling the Partridge Family.

What we’re about:

We like holding real things in our real, human hands.

Like vinyl records. (Mmmmm, vinyl).

Don’t you?

The Muses is our way of keeping tangible, touchable media alive.

We're for people who say no to streaming and yes to long-playing albums.

And we have hundreds of thousands of items in our catalogue! Check 'em out: Vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray... we recently added turntables (record players) & accessories to our store, too!

We're talking about music and movies you can hold on to.

Own it. Feel it. Take care of it. Share it.

Pass it down to your grandkids.

That’s us! Now, over to you.

What do you listen to? What do you love to watch? What do you collect? What do you crave? You can find it at The Muses - in a form that’s tangible, not just imaginary.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Love & Zeppelin,
Paul and Tori Vallen, Rebecca, Catie, Delilah, Bowie, & Daisy.

P.S. Wanna know more? Head over to our blog and read our story !

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