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Here's what's out and recommended by us this week:→ LA LA LAND: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK (CD & LP)→ HOLY MACKEREL - THE HOLY MACKEREL (LP re-release)→ THE DREAM - GET DREAMY (LP re-release) → THE BYRDS - SWEETHEART OF THE RODEO (limited edition gold vinyl) → TOOTHLESS - THE PACE OF PASSING (LP) [...]

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Get Excited: The Byrds reissue Sweetheart of the Rodeo on 180gm translucent gold vinyl

Country music doesn't get any finer than the tunes of Roger McGuinn. Unless of course, you throw Gram Parsons into the mix. Sweetheart of the Rodeo is the sixth album by The Byrds. Originally released in 1968, the album represents a change in direction for the band as they made the decision to quieten down on [...]

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Here's our pick of new music releases this week: → Pink Floyd - The Final Cut (vinyl re-release)→ Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse of Reason (vinyl re-release)→ Paul Weller - Stanley Road (vinyl re-release)→ Paul Weller - Heavy Soul (vinyl re-release)→Foxygen - Hang→ Tycho - Epoch→ Michael Chapman - 50Pink Floyd - The Final Cut (re-release)Limited 180gm [...]

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Here's our pick of what's out this week in music:→ The Flaming Lips - Oczy Mlody [CD, vinyl coming soon]→ Bonobo - Migration [CD & vinyl]→ The xx - I See You [CD & vinyl]→ Madness - Can’t Touch Us Now [CD & vinyl]Get amongst, music lovers!

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Cool Collector: Anj from Port Adelaide

Each month, we chat to someone with a passion for collecting: vinyl, CDs, DVDs, blu-ray, dust… or any other type of physical media. This month, we meet Anj: a vinyl devotee from Port Adelaide who started collecting records when she was 14. She's got a thing for shiny red bookcases and she once wagged school [...]

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One year today: Remembering the starman.

Many friends of ours had stories of joy, sorrow and celebration to tell at the anniversary David Bowie’s passing. On this day, the one year anniversary of his passing, we share our friend Craig's account of how Bowie touched his life and helped him be a better misfit in a small country town.I grew up with Countdown.(I [...]

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Staff Profile: Meet Rebecca.

We don't mind admitting that we're pretty high-tech here at Muses HQ, but it's not all about machines that go ping. We got real people, too, and we can prove it. Meet Rebecca - the legend who answers all your email queries and keeps our musical ship sailing smooooooth. Over to you, Bec.Name RebeccaRole Customer Service RockstarTell us [...]

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Happy 70th Birthday, David Bowie.

One year ago today, on his 69th birthday and 2 days before he would pass away, David Bowie released his final masterpiece, Blackstar. Reflecting on this week one year ago, our friend Dave shares with us how he felt when he discovered his hero had left the world. Disbelief.  My first reaction. Maybe everyone's first reaction.  Just. Not. Possible.  But [...]

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Your chance to WIN $50 to spend every month! Here’s how.

Are you an Instagram user?Do ya like sharing your latest hauls from us?Do you love winning shit?Great. You're a perfect candidate for a cool $50 towards your next purchase.It’s our monthly giveaway we call #musesmail , and we think you should get onto it already.You might've seen this cheeky snippet at the end of your Muses [...]

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Get excited: The Avalanches reissue 'Since I Left You' on (very) limited edition blue vinyl

UPDATE 06/01/2017PREORDER NOW SOLD OUTWhat does this mean? It means that we've sold out of our initial allocation of stock from the supplier, based on the quantities they believe will be available.Will you be able to get any more of this product? After the release date, we *may* be able to offer a small number [...]

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